Fosamax Overdose: Symptoms And Treatment

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Fosamax, otherwise known by its generic form alendronate sodium, is a biphosphonate that strengthens the bones in patients with osteoporosis. Yet this drug is now sharing the limelight with Fosamax Plus D because of increasing reports of atypical type of femoral fracture from its long-term customers. The verdict of the arbitrator is almost at arm’s length  now that there has been a development in the New Jersey Fosamax Femur Fracture Lawsuits.

Fosamax is a drug given to patients with the intentions of bringing out its beneficial effects. This drug, just like any other, carries along potentially serious side effects particularly in the gastrointestinal tract. As it goes with any medication as well, excessive intake of the drug may lead to Fosamax overdose.

The effects of a Fosamax overdose may vary according to a number of factors which includes the amount of Fosamax taken and whether it was taken with other medications or substances. Furthermore, the most common manifestations of the Fosamax overdose are as follows:

  • Heartburn or indigestion
  • Calcium and/or phosphate levels in the blood are below normal range (hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia respectively)
  • Ulcerations in the esophagus (tube connecting the mouth to the stomach), stomach or intestine

The treatment to manage Fosamax overdose will also vary, however, induced vomiting should not be done because the drug itself can be irritating to the digestive tract especially the esophagus. Nevertheless, you can stop the drug from entering the bloodstream by taking in milk or antacids (drugs that may counteract with stomach’s acidity.)

Treatment may also include supportive measures, which consists of correcting the symptoms due to the excessive amounts of drug taken.These supportive treatment options may include:

  • Careful monitoring of the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing (respiratory rate)
  • Starting Intravenous (IV) line for fluid replacement
  • Intravenous therapy of calcium to improve calcium levels in the blood
  • Other treatments depending on the symptoms manifested

You need to urgently seek medical assistance if you have overdosed yourself with Fosamax.

It is important that you strictly adhere to your doctor’s order when taking your Fosamax therapy. If you missed a daily dose, you need to skip that dose just wait for your next schedule the next morning. If you forget to take your medication for a weekly basis, you need to take to that dose the next morning after you remembered that dose and just go back to your usual schedule on the next dose. Never take two doses a day.

Never take any Fosamax complaints or side effects for granted especially overdoses. Moreover, a Fosamax Fracture Lawsuit will never be enough to compensate any loss in your health because of the drug.

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